What is Tencel™?

Tencel™ is made from wood cellulose, woven with cotton fibers or other types of fibers, and is sustainable and eco-friendly.

At the end of its lifecycle, this high-performance material is fully biodegradable.

This new technology is best known for being comfortable, moisture wicking, and well fitting, making it the first choice for sports apparel and active wear.

It also drapes well, doesn’t wrinkle, and is very absorbent.

All of these elements are combined together to form the perfect breathable, lightweight, and durable material, which makes this fabric ideal for active consumers or frequent travelers.

You can pack it in a suitcase for days and not have to worry about wrinkling.

How to Care for Tencel™

  • Minimal maintenance and easy care make Tencel™ an in-demand material.
  • Simply, machine wash and tumble dry these items as stated on the label.
  • Clothes will maintain colors and continue to fit well for many years without stretching or pulling.
  • Traveling? No problem. Hand wash your items and lay flat to dry to retain its regular shape.