You asked: “Dear XAMAS! How to buy skate bags that are right for me?”

XAMAS answers: Whether you're an amateur or a national champion figure skater, carrying the right skate bag is essential. To help you choose and buy skate bags for your skill level and lifestyle, here are a few things to consider.

Recreational or amateur skater

If you're a recreational or amateur skater, bring your ice skates and protect them with ice skate guards, blade and boot covers. Pack an absorbent cloth to dry off your blades after training as an additional step to prevent rust. Bring an extra pair of socks in case your feet get wet. For personal protection, consider wearing wrist guards and knee pads to prevent injuries when falling. Keep your hands warm with gloves or mittens. If you have long hair, hair clips or hair ties are useful to keep your hair out of your face while skating. Bring a water bottle to ensure you stay hydrated.

Higher-level skater

If you skate several times a week and are training for a performance, you’ll probably carry all the items listed above and additional essentials, such as: a set of practice wear (warm-up jacket and over-the-boot ice skate pants for sale at XAMAS stores) and extra skate boot laces in case your existing ones rip or fray. You may also pack resistance bands and a jump rope for off-ice training. For higher-level skaters, you’ll likely use additional padded protective gear while practising more challenging jumps. Other useful items include: a travel sewing kit, in case you tear a piece of clothing. Bring some healthy snacks to ensure you stay nourished.

Professional and competitive figure skaters

For Professional and competitive figure skaters training five or more days a week, your skate bag should have room for these items: your registration information with event numbers and dates and times, competition shirt and pants for male skaters, dress and a pair of beige tights for female skaters and music cd. You may also need to carry a makeup bag, clear nail polish, hairspray, hair dryer, and curling iron. Extra batteries and charger for your phone and tablet.

Which XAMAS skate bag should you buy?

Recreational or amateur skaters have less items to carry, so the small XAMAS signature ventilated skate bag is a great choice. It fits skate boot size 24-37 and is still roomy enough to hold other basic essentials. The larger-sized XAMAS signature ventilated skate bag is suitable for skaters of all levels. It fits skate boot size 37-43 with lots of space to hold your gear.

Why should you buy skate bag made by XAMAS?

Every XAMAS zip-up skate bag is reinforced by solid boards within the bag to hold its shape and keep your skate boots from colliding with each other when you travel. Made of water-proof, lightweight, nylon fabric, ventilation feature is built-in to allow odour and moisture to escape. This handy feature helps to prevent mould on your leather skate boots. No worries too if your ice skate pants and skate tops are wet as a result of you training hard! All bags are equipped with non-slip bag feet, an adjustable shoulder strap and mesh pocket for added convenience. Each XAMAS skate bag comes with a mini screwdriver, a handy tool when you assemble your bag.

Available in a variety of colours, created with Classic nylon, soft-touch fabrics and Trendy-Pro deluxe fabrics. You can buy these bags and some of the essential skate items from XAMAS online and in-store. You can also find matching XAMAS practice wear, such as ice skate pants for sale to complete your look.

Additional note: XAMAS skate bags are shipped flat, so you save on shipping!

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