You asked: “Dear XAMAS! How do I choose the right XAMAS ice skate pants for me?”

XAMAS answers: Ice skate pants designed by XAMAS are available in a variety of colours and features. They are all stylish and great for daily wear! However, depending on the type of training you’re doing, certain styles may be more suitable than others.

On-ice training

When you’re training on-ice, one of the features you’ll appreciate about your ice skate pants is that they keep you warm. When you buy ice skate pants online, look at the fabric information provided. You’ll find that many XAMAS practice skate pants are made with microfleece fabrics.

What are fleece or microfleece fabrics?

Fleece fabrics are made of polyester which is a form of synthetic textile spun with yarn and fibres derived from plastic (usually bottles). Sometimes also called polar fleece or polyester fleece, it is warm, soft, and cosy. It is a great alternative to wool, especially for people who are sensitive as it doesn’t cause itchiness. It can also be warmer than wool, yet lighter.

Microfleece is a type of fleece fabric which weighs 200 grams per square meter (gsm) or less. Quick-dry and highly breathable, microfleece is ideal for sports as natural odours from sweat don’t build up over time. Microfleece is flexible and allow you unrestricted movement. As it is lightweight, you can bring an extra pair of pants to your skate practice session! If you also need a stylish and handy bag to tote your gear, you can easily find our signature ice skate bag for sale at XAMAS online store.

Heel cover (over the heel) or Velcro fasteners

XAMAS ice skate pants for on-ice training are designed to be longer and can be stretched to cover the top and over the heel of your skate boots. This design serves a practical purpose to hold your boot laces in place and prevent you from tripping over them.

You can also buy ice skate pants online at XAMAS that are in normal length but equipped with Velcro fasteners at the heels to hold the bottom in place while you skate. In this case, you can cover your boots with XAMAS skate boot covers instead, also available at XAMAS online store and selected pro shops.

Off-ice training

Basically, all XAMAS skate pants are suitable for off-ice training, so it’s just a matter of personal preference of pant length and design. In fact, they are so comfy and stylish you’ll want to wear them all the time! Match your look with a stylish and practical XAMAS skate bag for sale in store!

Other points to take note:

If you’re looking to buy high performance, luxury ice skate pants, search XAMAS online store for Premium Pro styles, designed with heat-generating function and/or Italian fabrics and more!

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