You asked: “Dear XAMAS! What pants do male figure skaters wear for competitions?”

XAMAS answers: Figure skating competitions have strict rules and regulations with regards to the outfits worn by all skaters. Before you buy figure skating pants for your competition, there are some minimal standards for clothing that must be followed.

The male skater’s clothing must be modest, dignified and not theatrical in design. Outfits should be appropriate for athletic competition. Men must wear full-length trousers and they are not allowed to wear tights. Men's clothing must not be sleeveless. It must also have a neck-line, which does not expose the chest i.e. deep plunging necklines are not permitted. Although there are sometimes exceptions to the rules, the skater will get a deduction during a competition if his clothing does not meet the required standards.

With these guidelines in mind, XAMAS figure skating pants for men are designed for practical comfort without sacrificing style. There are many styles available at the XAMAS online store or your local pro shops to match your skating program and theme. Should you require a more customised look, you may also consider engaging XAMAS’s tailor-made service.

XAMAS figure skating pants are made with fabrics that are quick-dry and sweat-wicking, meaning you’ll stay comfortably dry after hours of training.

Competition figure skating pants should fit the skater well and not obstruct any movement of the body. XAMAS figure skating pants are usually created with lightweight, four-way stretch Lycra fabrics to ensure you move freely on ice.

Heel cover (over the heel) with Velcro fasteners or stirrups pants

As figure skaters have to execute a wide range of movements, such as jumps, spins or even splits, XAMAS figure skating pants for male skaters are also designed with features to help hold the trousers in place.

You can choose to buy figure skating pants styles that are in normal pant-length but equipped with Velcro fasteners at the heels to hold the bottom hem in place. Another cut available for male skaters are stirrup trousers. Instead of Velcro fasteners, these pants has an extended strip of fabric looped at the bottom of each leg to be worn securely under the arch of the skater’s foot to ensure a neat appearance.

Both designs cover the top of your skate boots to keep your boot laces safely away and prevent tripping accidents.

All XAMAS figure skating pants for men are suitable for competition and off-ice training. If you prefer to keep your figure skating trousers only for competitions, you can train with XAMAS sports and practice wear for men. Buy ice skate pants from our classic and trendy styles suitable from beginner to higher-level skaters, high performance Premium Pro styles using Italian fabrics and heat-generating functions are also available at our online store or skate pro shops near your rink. Comparatively, XAMAS has more fashion-forward and colourful selections for female skaters looking to buy ice skate pants designed for practice on and off-ice. Let us know in the comments if you want more XAMAS practice styles for men!

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