1.What if my order lost during the posting process?

For extra peace of mind, Xamas insures your shipments prior to posting with Speedpost insurance. A valued-added insurance service which covers your shipments against the unlikely event of loss or damage during delivery from Hong Kong to overseas. The insured value for SpeedpostFreight/ Freight PLUS items is at consignment level with a total maximum insured value of HK$200,000, subject to an upper limit of HK$ 50,000 per item For more details, you can visit the website. http://www.hongkongpost.com/speedpost/eng/services/insurance/index.htm

2.Can the size and details be changed after the tailor made order has been sent?

You can make changes to your order only if you send a detailed email to sales@xamas.com.hk within 48 hours after the tailor made order has been sent. Once your order is manufactured or shipped, no changes can be made.

3. Do you have any exchange policy which I could make change to other size or product within certain period after purchase?

You can exchange any other product or dress with same or above amount within 7 days, under condition of the product remain unused. Please kindly note that original shipping charges are non-refundable.

After we receive the returned item in good condition, we will send you a request for payment via Paypal for shipping charges of the exchanged item. We will ship the item after payment is received.

4.How can I check my order status?

To check the status of your Internet, Phone or Mail/Fax order, you must be a registered customer and signed in.Click here to Check the status of your order

5.Why am I not able to log in to my account?

If you have not logged in to your account in the past 90 days, it will no longer be active and you will need to create a new account. Also remember that usernames, email addresses and passwords are case sensitive. If you need your password sent to you, our Password Reminder will send it to the email address you used when you registered.

6.Where can I find the sizing information?

The size charts for women, men and boys; and fitting guide are provided under Size Charts.

7.How did Xamas start?

Xamas is established by Samantha Giraud since 2003. In 2005, collection of skatewear, dancewear and sportwear are introduced. In 2009, Xamas created this website as an international platform, and also sold evening wear, wedding wear, yoga wear and ready-to-wear.For more details about Xamas, please view our Brand Story.

8.Where can I find a retailer in Hong Kong?

For details about the retailers in Hong Kong, you can refer to our Retailer List.

9.Where does Xamas come from?

Xamas comes from Hong Kong. Xamas also extends her business and sells different types of wear and tailor made wear to mainland china and overseas.

10.What qualities and service does Xamas provide?

Xamas provides fashionable and comfortable wear with high quality. Xamas also serves customers with innovative and professional attitude. Xamas Website and catalogue allow customers to shop the brand anywhere, any time, from any place.

11.Can I be part of Xamas?

You can become a part of Xamas. As a professional brand, we are dedicated to attracting and retaining world-class talent.To cooperate with us, you can send an email to cooperate@xamas.com.hk

12.How can I become a Xamas Model?

You are welcome to be our model. Every season, we need different models, including female, male and children for catalogue production.To become a Xamas model, you can send an email to admin@xamas.com.hk with your gender, height, age, other personal information and with two photos, one close up with face and one full body.

13. Loyalty points

Every HKD 1 spent on XAMAS products earns 1 Loyalty point (shipping costs excluded).

Accummulate at least 2000 points to exchange for a HKD$100 cash coupon!

Please login to your account page to check your loyalty points: My account > My loyalty points

14. Care Instructions: Skate wear

To ensure longevity of your skate outfit, do not wash it unless absolutely necessary. For skate outfits without embellishments such as beads and stones or trimmings, hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent to prevent shrinkage.

Never wash or even dry clean outfits with embellishments or trimmings. Use a steamer if you want to freshen up the outfit.

Do not iron. If necessary, use a very cool temperature to prevent burning the fabric.

Store the outfit in a dry place to prevent mildew or mould.

Protect the colour from fading. Store the outfit in a dark-coloured plastic cover or garment bag.

15. Dress-length alteration service

As a value-added service, we provide a one-time dress-length alteration service by request before shipment. Please leave your request in the comments at checkout. Other types of alterations will incur additional charges. We will contact and update you on the charges before we proceed.

16. Ready-to-wear BLACK label

Ready-to-wear BLACK label items are highly limited in production. Each outfit comes with a XAMAS garment bag, a XAMAS hanger, a hang name tag and 5g of hot-fix replacement rhinestones.

17. Care Instructions: Blade guards

Maintain your blade guards.

Replace them when they no longer cover your blade effectively.

Watch for thin spots or holes in the bottom, and replace them immediately when you see signs of wear.

For hard guards, clean out the insides of the hard guards periodically as accumulated grit is very abrasive.

For LED blade guard items, do not soak in water.

18. Care Instructions: Shoe laces

For safety and best performance, replace shoe laces when they start to wear out, lose threads, or when the aglets come off the ends.

19. Care Instructions: Helmet

Clean your helmet only with warm water and gentle soap, such as baby shampoo.

Avoid solvents and any petroleum-based cleaners, as they can weaken the foam liner and the shell.

Hand wash the helmet in a sink and rinse with cold water.

Let the helmet air dry.

WARNING! Do not put your helmet in the dryer, oven, microwave or attempt to dry it out with a hair dryer. The heat will weaken the shell and compromise the integrity of the adhesives.

20. Care Instructions: Protective pads

Leave the pads as open as possible.

Put the pads inside a mesh bag or pillow case.

Attach the Velcro straps to each other to prevent lint build-up.

Don’t over-do the detergent and avoid bleach.

Wash with jeans or other non-lint-making clothes.

Let the pads air dry.

21. Care Instructions: Tights and stockings

Use a mild detergent that does not contain bleach.

Turn the tights inside out. This will prevent any build up of lint during washing.

Place the tights inside a mesh bag or pillow case. These bags protect the tights from becoming tangled and damaged when placed in the washing machine.

Use a delicate cycle to wash the tights and select a cold water wash. This protects the texture and the colour.

Dry the tights on a towel. You should not hang dry tights because this can cause the fabric to stretch. Tights should never be placed in a dryer.


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