You asked: “Dear XAMAS! How should I ensure my figure skating dresses are always in the best condition for my competitions?”

XAMAS answers: All XAMAS figure skating dresses are designed with fabrics, colours, and materials that guarantee wearability and comfort. When you buy figure skating dress online at XAMAS store, the dress goes through a stringent checking process before shipment to ensure you receive a high quality product.

Caring for your XAMAS dress the correct way will ensure it is in top condition for a long time. It is easy to so do when you know these facts!

Always check the garment care label on your XAMAS ice skating dress for instructions on how to best care for your dress.

Do not wash your figure skating dress. We do not recommend washing your figure skating dress at all as it will definitely loosen rhinestones on your dress and gradually weaken the fabrics.

Never dry clean your figure skating dresses. Dry cleaning is a cleaning method that utilizes a chemical solvent other than water. This chemical process can damage specialty/technical fabrics, such as Lycra®, embellishments, such as sequins and loosen rhinestones which are usually applied with adhesives. Shiny fabrics or those with foil finish, and sequins will become dull and lose their sparkle. Rhinestones may even fall off a skate dress after dry-cleaning!

Instead, ensure freshness and cleanliness by doing the following:

Airing and removing odours. Always air out your figure skating dress immediately after use. Turn it inside-out to dry. Once dry, kill odour-causing germs bacterial by first steaming your dress, then freshen it further by using a bio antibacterial garment spray.

Never iron your figure skating dresses. Lycra® and spandex fabrics are stretchy and have many desirable properties, such as elasticity, crease-resistance and breathability. They are ideal materials for ice skating dresses. However, these fabrics are also easily damaged by ironing where the heat can leave your dress with irreparable burnt marks. For such delicate garments, we recommend using a clothes steamer. Steaming is probably the safest and gentlest way to release wrinkles from your garment for a natural finish.

Always store your figure skating dresses dry inside a breathable container and preferably in a well-ventilated area. Ensure that your garment is dry before storing to prevent mould or mildew. Avoid plastic garment bags or suitcase as these will trap odours and moisture. To prevent colours from fading, remember to store your dress away from direct sunlight. Use the XAMAS Sustainable garment bag which is made of canvas and breathable mesh material to store your dress, protecting it from dust and the elements. You may hang the garment bag or lie it flat if the dress is heavily embellished to prevent the sleeves from stretching out and becoming out-of-shape.

Before you buy ice skating dress, it is helpful to know these tips so that you can take good care of it. XAMAS store has the right style you need for an amazing performance. If you need help to choose and buy ice skating dress that is suitable for your competition, get in touch with us! We are happy to help.

You can buy figure skating dress online from XAMAS store or at your local pro skate shops. If you see a style you like online but your local store doesn’t carry it, ask them to contact XAMAS! We’ll love to be in touch.

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